Text Messages

Based off of this prompt: 

idk the UK time. It’s army time right? Idk. I just used USA time. It goes from morning throughout the day.

I needed to add that last sentence. It didn’t feel complete with out it.





(8:23) Get your arse out off bed

(8:29) But Hazzzzaaaaaa. It’s too early

(8:30) Idc babe. I’m goin home today and I wanna have a proper departure with my boyfriend

(8:34) But you could always just come in my room and snuggle with me so I wont have to move

(8:36) Don’t be a twat. Serioulsy Lou. I have to go soon

(8:37) Fine fine. I’ll be down quickly


(10:00) I miss you.

(10:03) Don’t. haz you’re gonna make me cry all over again. It’s only for a few weeks babe.

(10:05) I can’t help it! This ride is boring as fuck without you with me /:

(10:08) Don’t overthink it. Try napping?

(10:10) But I wanna talk to you forever. I don’t need to sleep when I’ve got you

(10:14) I wish it was that easy Harry

(10:16) It is though

(10: 20) But its not silly nilly. If people don’t sleep than they get all crazy

 (10:21) Blah blah blah. Idc Lou. I just want this ride to be over soon and spend my time with you via text message

(10:23) I suppose I could take the time out of my very busy schedule and communicate with you through a mobile device we call cellular phones

(10:24) Brb snoring

(10:26) Wanker

(10:27) Fish face

(10:28) What?

(10:29) What?

(10:40) Harold

(10:42) Lewis

(10:43) I love you

(10:44) Love you too boo


(5:33) Im hoooome

(5:36) No you’re not

(5:37) I’m at my childhood home

(5:39) Sadly

(5:42) Why couldn’t you tag along with me ):

(5:46) Because your family doesn’t know about us and I believe if I went with you i’d spill the beans

(5:48) Well aren’t you considerate. No but seriosuly, I don’t give a shit if they know or not. I’m upset b/c you’re a jerk and refused my invitation

(5:50) Haaazzzaaaaa. Dear lord. I love you so much and I promise when I visit my mum I’ll tell her about us and you can do the same w/ yours. Then we’ll be able to do whatever the hell we want w/ eachother when we’re with our families. Obviously not in public though…

(5:52) Can’t we just tell the fans? We’ll be at a concert and for the tweet questions we’ll purposfully choose one that has to do w/ ‘Larry Stylinson’ and then I’ll confess my undenying love for you and you’ll leap into my arms and we’ll kiss. BAM. Done

(5:55) I love your imagination but I think we might have to tell the lads before we do anything that drastic

(5:57) Hmph

(5:59) I know you’re smiling

(6:04) You know nothing

(6:07) Oh but I do. I know that you are listening to ed sheeran right now because that’s what we always do

(6:09) Nope. I’m thinking about your ass

(6:12) So blunt

(6:14) You like it

(6:16) I love it

(6:18) And I love you

(6:21) I love you too haz


(8:04) Boo bear boo bear boo bear boo bear

(8:07) Hazza hazza hazza hazza

(8:11) I can’t wait to see your pretty face

(8:13) And I cant wait to sleep. Thank you for waking me up

(8:19) Sorry ): but in my defenese it’s noly 8pm

(8:21) It’s quite alright (: and naps are good for the body!

(8:23) ;D

(8:25) Whats up babe? Why is it taking you forever to reply?

(8:30) … I broke my finger earlier

(8:32) What?! How the hell did you manage to do that?

(8:38) Um. I was riding my little cousins bike and er… fell

(8:40) You’re motives are adorable but the outcome is always bad

(8:46) Wish you were here to kiss it better

(8:47) Sorry hun

(8:52) Oh wow. My boyfriend is sooo caring

(8:53) You know it (:

(9:00) I do indeed


(10:20) Lou bear

(10:22) Louis?

(10:29) Lewis Tomlynsun

(10:32) Lou?

(10:34) Boo beaarr

(10:40) Penis

(10:45) I love you

(10:48) Wanker

(10:50) Are you there?

(10:53) It’s only 11pm. Where are you? You never go to bed this early.

(10:56) Augh.

(11:00) Open your front door Hazza

(11:01) Omg… are you here?

(11:02) Open the damn door babe

(11:03) Ok ok


(11:30) Thank you for coming

Louis looked up from his phone and smiled at the boy across from him. 

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